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Be Good Friends

Core Value

  • Honesty

  • Learning

  • Teamwork

  • Passion

  • Passion

    Passion for every aspect of work and humanrelationships.

  • Challenge

    Working consistently to attempt new things, without fear of failure.

  • Honesty

    Sticking to principles and ethics under all circumstances.

  • Teamwork

    Commitment to achieving common objectives through cooperation and trust.

  • Learning

    Sharing of objectives, procedures and results, and setting examples of this value.

Management Maxim

Adherence to Principles and Righteousness

Is this behavior against any law or rule?

Can the principles applied to this case be applied to future cases?

Is this behavior ethical?

Pursuit of Integrity

Is this activity linked to the generation of profit?

Is the expected output greater than the human and monetary resources input?

Can the plan and output be specifically represented in numbers?

Preparedness against Crisis

Has the plan been rigorously analyzed and accurately prepared from a conservative point of view?

Is there an alternative measure prepared for a situation in which normal procedure is impossible?

Are there additional human and monetary resources ready to deal with unexpected problems?