CSR Activities

BGF Creates Social-Economic Values to be Shared

All affiliated companies of BGF are making a united effort to share values that improve the everyday lives of customers.

CSR Vision

“To create emotional and economic values by harmoniously connecting
our network capabilities with social issues..”

CSR Mission

  • Contribution to social development by utilizing our network capabilities.

  • Provision of positive psychological values such as trust, comfort and stability.

  • Promotion of shared growth with local communities and marginalized groups

Core Value

  • Professionalism

  • Authenticity

  • Sustainability

  • Innovation

  • Passion

Major CSR Activities

Utilizing our infrastructure and network capabilities, BGF cooperates with stakeholders to elevate people’s
quality of life and make our society and the world a better place.

  • Job Creation for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities via “CU Together”

    Employment for the disabled has become a serious social problem. To address it, BGF Retail cooperated with the Korean Employment Agency for the Disabled and created jobs exclusively designed for people with developmental disabilities. BGF Retail is also taking a leading role in improving how people generally perceive the disabled. Since 2010, BGF Retail has been cooperating with the Ministry of Health & Welfare and Korea Labor Force Development Institute to help senior citizens. One of the cooperative efforts is “Senior Staff,” a job creation project for senior citizens.

  • Support for Vulnerable Social Groups

    In line with self-help programs, CU is carrying out a CSV project to support people in vulnerable social groups who are capable of working. In this project, CU supports job creation for marginalized groups and helps them start their own business. BGF Retail will always strive to resolve social issues by utilizing our core business capabilities.

  • Donation of Daily Necessities and Foods

    BGF Retail has been donating goods and foods to The National Food Bank every month from 2009 to help underprivileged children who cannot afford regular meals. And since 2013, employees of BGF, affiliated companies, franchisees and their families have been participating in a voluntary event where gift boxes that include daily necessities and foods are delivered to the underprivileged. Events are held in 12 locations across the nation.

  • Donation of Employee Salary
    사랑의 달팽이

    Employees of BGF voluntarily donate a portion of their monthly salaries to Lovely Snail, a non-profit organization for children with hearing disabilities. The company matches the employees’ donation, and the money is used for cochlear implant surgery and rehabilitation therapy for children.

  • “Support Dokdo” Campaign
    독도사랑 운동본부

    As a company that represents Korea, BGF Retail promotes public campaigns to support Korea.

  • Supporting Korean independent activists

    BGFretail has signed a 'Business Agreement for Popularization of Independence Movement History' with the Independence Hall of Korea and is taking the lead in promoting the history of independence movement by introducing independence activists of the month to CU stores nationwide. In addition, the company operates a convenience store in Yeouido, Han River with the Welfare Business Association for Independent Merit, and the entire proceeds of the BGFretail are provided for the welfare of the families of independent patriots.