BGF strives to be the best friend of our customers and communities

Be Good Friends

BGF, which stands for Be Good Friends, aims to serve our customers and contribute to our communities
by providing services at any location and any time.

Word Mark

Be Good Friends

Grid System

Be Good Friends

The word mark provides an elegant and familiar feeling for the company through the smooth presentation of the logo,
and expresses the company’s intention to be a company that coordinates with affiliated companies and grows with them as a family.
The main color, which is green, connotes freshness, and represents the image of a young and fresh company along with a resolution to get closer to our customers.

Color Specifications

Main Color

BGFretail Green Pantone 7739C
C70 M0 Y90 K0 / R60 G177 B73

Sub Color

BGFretail Black
C0 M30 Y0 K100 / R0 G0 B0
BGFretail Gray Pantone Cool Gray 8C
C5 M0 Y0 K75 / R93 G93 B93
BGFretail Silver Pantone 877C
C0 M0 Y0 K15 / R226 G226 B226