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Realization of Service Network & Development and
Advancement of Service Platform

Brand Objective

BGF Retail Makes Life More Convenient

The name of BGF Retail, Korea’s best distribution service provider, was derived from the slogan “Be Good Friends,” which encompasses our commitment to be a good friend of our customers, franchisees and communities. We strive to always provide innovative and fresh products and services to customers.

A New Model for Convenience Stores

Since changing the business name in 2012, BGF Retail has introduced its own brand CU to provide customers with fresh and pleasant experiences, and merchandise and services that are tailored to their lifestyles. BGF Retail continuously searches for innovative ways to improve customers’ quality of life.

Management based on coexistence is the engine for innovation.

BGF Retail pursues genuine harmony and coexistence with our franchisees and small business partners based on fair partnerships. BGF Retail promotes the competitiveness and profitability of our franchisees through open communication channels, and helps small business partners secure a foothold for their sustainable growth through creative coordination

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Keon Jun, Lee, Chairman
BGF Bldg. 405 Teheran-ro (Samsung-dong),
Gangnam-gu,Seoul, Republic of Korea
December, 1994 (First store opened in 1990)
Foundation Day
June 7
Philosophy Enhancement of customer value and contribution to social development by providing the best merchandise and services, at any location and any time.
Be Good Friends